Guaranteed Sale Program

Considering a “Guaranteed Sale” or “Guaranteed Buyout” Program?

Are you considering hiring a Realtor® who offers a “Guaranteed Sale” or “Guaranteed Buyout” program? Some agents use this marketing technique to acquire new listings. Make sure you have all the facts before signing away your biggest asset. Enormous consequences hang on the integrity and skill of your Realtor®.

“Guaranteed Sale” and “Guaranteed Buyout” marketing programs are sold and taught to real estate agents through seminars and real estate marketing “gurus.” The sales pitch looks like this: “Don’t end up owning two homes. Our ‘Guaranteed Sale/Buyout’ program eliminates the problem.” Or this: “The biggest challenge when buying a new home is planning how and when to sell your current home before buying the new one. Our ‘Guaranteed Sale/Buyout’ system makes it easy.”

The offer usually “Guarantees” that the Realtor® will buy your home if it doesn’t sell within a specified time period. The agent is hoping to obtain your listing by offering what looks like an easy solution; but the agent has no incentive to buy your home. In fact most likely the last thing the agent offering a “Guaranteed Sale or Guaranteed Buyout” wants to do is buy your home. If the agent wanted to own your home there would be no need to place it on the market in the first place. The contract to buy your home would be drawn up and the deal would close in a few weeks. It is unlikely that you would ever sell your home to your agent because you would be disappointed with the price the agent might offer you to buy your home.

“Guaranteed Sale” and “Guaranteed Buyout” programs are designed to persuade you to call the agent to request information so the agent can convince you to list your home with them. Here is an important question to ask yourself: Do you really want to work with a real estate agent who uses these tactics to hook you into a listing contract? Ask the agent these important questions before signing a listing agreement with a “Guaranteed Sale/Buyout” program: How many homes can you document that you bought in the last year at full market value from your clients? As a Seller, what are my expenses to participate in the program? How far below market value is your purchase price going to be?

The true nature of a “Guaranteed Buyout” or “Guaranteed Sale” program will become apparent by carefully reading the details. Look for the phrase, “At a price we both agree upon,” or something similar. Obviously you both must agree on the price. And you will not like the price. If you have been trying to sell your home for $350,000, and you request the “Guaranteed Buyout” from your agent who then offers you $275,000 for your home, would a $75,000 loss really help you? If the home had been marketed honestly and aggressively from the beginning, you wouldn’t need a “Guaranteed Sale” or “Guaranteed Buyout” program.

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Corbin Wagoner, CRS, SRES, SFR